Manage and Control Documents Your Way

Use FormKiQ as a standalone electronic document management system, or integrate it with an existing application or product.

Built with a powerful Open Source API, an optional React web client interface, and enterprise-grade add-on modules, FormKiQ can be run headless or web-based, and as turnkey or customized as you need.

And no matter how you use it, you get 100% of the code.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
FormKiQ runs on Amazon Web Services and its best-in-class technologies

Designed to reduce cost and eliminate implementation agony

Deploy a reliable and flexible document management system into your own AWS cloud account with one click. The default installation provides you with a full-featured document management system that's ready to go, with an API and web console that you can build on and extend.

  • One-click install using a CloudFormation template
  • Document storage using Amazon S3
  • Full-featured document management using the default web console

Implement a reliable and scaleable document management system with as much customization as your industry and workflows require.

Enhanced with advanced document management functionality, as needed

Enable document control, records and compliance management, or advanced integration with both external services and your own internal tools, without the rigidity that comes with off-the-shelf enterprise content management software.

  • Optical-Character Recognition and Fulltext Search
  • Contract Management and eSignature Integration
  • Paperless Transformation with Print-to-Scan Copiers and Mobile Photo Submissions
  • Document and Version Control, including Ball-in-Court Functionality
  • Business Automation with Custom Workflows and Intelligent Document Processing

Choose the specific features that streamline your processes and meet your audit and compliance needs.

Trusted by teams worldwide

FormKiQ is being used by companies in North America, Europe, and India, relying on the rigorous security and compliance standards that come from an architecture designed to meet the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

99.99% uptime

with easy updates using AWS CloudFormation

1+ Million

Documents have been processed by FormKiQ

"Exactly what we needed - a core, headless Document Management System to wrap in our own service to embed in our platform."

Larry S
Principal Consultant, North America

Designed for organizations of all sizes

FormKiQ offerings are built to match your process and workflow needs

FormKiQ Core

All of the core functionality of a document management system

Free (AWS usage charges may apply)
  • MIT License (Open Core)
  • Scaleable Document Storage
  • Document API and Web Console
  • Document Search
  • Multi-Team and Multi-Tenant Support
  • Access to 200+ services within AWS
  • No User or Usage Limits
Get Started for Free Set Up an On-Boarding or Support Session (USD $500, one-time fee)
FormKiQ Pro

Built to suit the needs of most small- to medium-sized businesses

starts at
$1,299 /month
+ AWS Usage Charges

Includes all of Core, plus:

  • Installation and On-boarding Support
  • Professional Operational Support
  • Prioritized Bug Fixes
  • Antivirus and Anti-Malware Scanning
  • Workflows, Versions, Encryption, OCR
  • Optional Cloud Management Services
Schedule a Discovery Call Set Up an On-Boarding Session (Deposit of USD $650 required)
FormKiQ Enterprise

Provides full customization and flexibility, plus add-on modules

starts at
$2,299 /month
+ AWS Usage Charges

Includes all of Pro, plus:

  • Add-On Operational Support Levels
  • Add-On Enterprise Modules
  • Optional Single Sign-On
  • Custom Module Development
  • Add-On Professional Services
  • FormKiQ Partner Licensing Available
Schedule a Discovery Call Set Up an On-Boarding Session (Deposit of USD $1150 required)

Frequently asked questions

FormKiQ Core is released under the MIT License, allowing you to use it in both open source or proprietary projects and to distribute it freely, as long as you include the necessary attribution.

All non-core features of FormKiQ require a commercial license (Pro or Enterprise), and the source code for these features is not to be distributed without express permission from FormKiQ, Inc.

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