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Manage any and all types of documents, forms, and records through a powerful Open Source API that you can build on and extend. You can add FormKiQ to an existing application, or install and run it as a full-featured electronic document management system (EDMS) on its own, with as little or as much customization as you need. However you use FormKiQ, you get 100% of the code.

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FormKiQ Core is Open Source and Start-to-Finish Serverless, built on Amazon Web Services
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We also offer a standalone FormKiQ Cloud App for online antivirus scanning.

What is FormKiQ?

FormKiQ is a Document Management System (DMS), known sometimes as an Electronic Document Managment System (EDMS) or an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).

What makes FormKiQ stand out from other document management software is that it is highly scaleable and headless, due to being designed and built with API-First principles and using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This creates a level of customization and flexibility that is far beyond what other electronic document management systems can offer, and that is a good reason why technology-oriented companies across a wide range of industries are choosing FormKiQ.

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Please contact us if you would like more information on leveraging FormKiQ's Open Source Headless Document Management System in your industry.

What is a Headless Document Management System?

A headless document management system (a headless DMS, also known as a headless ECM for enterprise content management) is a system that manages documents and records in a way that allows multiple methods to access those documents and records, i.e., where the document management system is decoupled from the display of those managed documents. This headless model is designed to allow maximum flexibility when integrating with the system or customizing functionality.

This is a strong contrast to traditional document management systems (or enterprise content management systems), where the documents and records are often only accessible through a single interface. Adding integrations or customizations to this traditional model can be difficult, if not impossible.

While a headless document management system allows access using an API or other methods, there is no restriction on providing a familiar client interface as part of the product; there is an expectation that a good headless DMS will allow flexibility while still fulfilling the standard expectations for document management, such as an interface to manage all aspects of the document workflow, including searching and viewing documents.

What can FormKiQ's Headless Document Management System do for your organization?

FormKiQ provides all of the required functionality of an electronic document management system (abbreviated as DMS or EDMS), as well as add-on modules to provide Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for specific industries and use cases, while also providing flexibility in integration and customization. FormKiQ is also an Open Source Document Management System, with source code provided for every component and module. In addition, FormKiQ's serverless model on AWS means that the software installs directly into your AWS cloud, providing full control over your documents and the document management system itself.

FormKiQ provides the four essential functions of electronic document management systems (EDMS):

  • Document Collection and Storage
  • Document Organization and Classification
  • Document Processing and Transformation
  • Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration

In addition, FormKiQ provides the flexibility and customization most organizations need through the Document API and Document Console. FormKiQ is envisioned as the Document Management AWS would recommend, built according to their best practices.

What is the difference between FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise?

FormKiQ Core is our free offering, with a one-click install into your AWS Cloud Account. It offers all of the core functionality of an enterprise document management system, and has all of the flexibility and scaleability of our enterprise offering, including enterprise document storage, a simple and powerful API, and a web client interface that gives you full control over your documents.

FormKiQ Enterprise provides additional functionality and professional onboarding and operational support, and is designed for several use cases, such as:

  • Deploying a customizable Enterprise Content Management System
  • Adding Electronic Document Management Software Features to an existing application
  • Ensuring security and compliance needs are being met consistently
  • Providing advanced functionality in areas such as document capture, document processing, document indexing, document retrieval, and document control

A custom application package that bundles Core and Enterprise features and any required Add-On Modules is created and all source code is shared directly with your organization. FormKiQ Enterprise uses a similar one-click install, but may include additional installation steps depending on the Add-On Modules included in your custom package.

How FormKiQ Handles the Four Essential Functions of Document Management (as well as Enterprise Content Management)

DMS Document Collection and Storage Icon

1. Document Collection and Storage Easily collect documents, forms, and records

FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise provide secure and scaleable storage, along with multiple methods for adding and updating documents:

  • Scaleable Document Storage and Bulk Upload Functionality
  • HTML Web Forms (Client SDK available)
  • AWS Command Line Interface
  • Sync with Network Shares and Fileservers (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
  • Email and Document Scanning (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
  • Import from Various Third-Party Tools
DMS Document Collection and Storage Graphic
DMS Document Organization and Classification Icon

2. Document Organization and Classification Quickly organize documents, forms, and records

FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise provide multiple features for organizing and classifying documents:

  • Add, Update, and Remove Metadata and Tags
  • Tag Incoming Web Forms or Scanned Documents
  • View and Tag Documents
  • Implement Parent and Child Document Structures
  • Create Suborganizations and Teams
  • Enable Tag Schemas to specify Required and Optional Tags (using FormKiQ Enterprise)
DMS Document Organization and Classification Graphic
DMS Document Processing and Transformation Icon

3. Document Processing and Transformation Efficiently process documents, forms, and records

FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise allow an endless array of document processing options:

  • Trigger Document Events (whenever a document is created, updated, or deleted)
  • Build Custom Administration Functionality to meet Customer and Compliance Needs
  • Convert Scanned Paperwork into Digitized Records, Contracts, and Forms
  • Integrate Import and Export Flows
  • Customize Document Workflows with Document Actions (using FormKiQ Enterprise)
  • Protect Documents with Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Scanning (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
  • Enhance and Understand Documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Document Analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) (using FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Modules)
DMS Document Processing and Transformation Graphic
DMS Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration Icon

4. Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration Effectively view and integrate documents, forms, and records

FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise provide connectivity into your organization's processes and tools, including:

  • Search by Tag, Date, or Document ID
  • Create Composite Keys for More Efficient Tag Searches (using FormKiQ Enterprise)
  • Use Enhanced Fulltext Search (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
  • Data Import/Export with webhooks and services like Zapier,, and Microsoft Power Automate
  • Document Import/Export with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Content Integration with services like Notion, Confluence, Trello, and Jira
  • CRM Integration with services like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Integration with Custom Applications using the FormKiQ Document API or GraphQL using AWS AppSync
  • Industry-specific Integrations, such as Case Management, Health Records Management, or Financial Software Packages
  • Easy access to 200+ services within AWS
  • Customize Workflows with Add-On Integrations for Third-Party Services (such as credit checks or e-signatures; using FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Modules)
DMS Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration Graphic
FormKiQ's API and Console Super Powers Icon

Plus FormKiQ's Super Powers: Full Flexibility and Customization with FormKiQ's API and Console Meet all of your programmability and client interface requirements for an electronic document management system (EDMS)

FormKiQ Core and FormKiQ Enterprise use their open-source Document API and Document Console provide a turn-key EDMS solution with complete flexibility:

  • Scaleable API and Console components built using AWS Serverless
  • RESTful API that can be authenticated via AWS IAM or Amazon Cognito
  • Mobile-Friendly Web-Based Document Console with a complete Document Management System Interface
  • Every Feature Accessible through both the Document API and the Document Console
  • Both the Document API and the Document Console are Open Source and can be forked, cloned, and customized
  • Custom API and Console Domains (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
  • Single Sign-On, Federation, and Custom JWT Authorizer using AD FS, OpenID, Social Logins, or SAML (using a FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Module)
FormKiQ's API and Console Super Powers Graphic

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