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The history and team behind FormKiQ's Flexible Document and Enterprise Content Management Platform

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FormKiQ is a document and enterprise content management startup based in Winnipeg, Canada, founded by Mike Friesen and Regan Wolfrom. Our goal is to create the most efficient, flexible, and scalable information management platform on the market.

The product was originally conceived in 2016 as an iPhone application to process multi-step forms for the leasing industry. While researching the best architectural solution for the backend processing of the application, Mike determined that using serverless computing through AWS was a better solution to handle the flexibility and intermittent levels of demand that a leasing system would require. As he developed the backend, Mike soon determined that the real value of FormKiQ was in the collection, storage, processing, and integration of the lease documents created by the iPhone application. Along with his co-founder, Regan, Mike started focusing on the strengths of document management he'd discovered in FormKiQ's headless design and serverless architecture.

In 2020, Mike and Regan decided to release the fundamental functionality of FormKiQ as an Open Source project, FormKiQ Core. After some research and testing on a Pro version of FormKiQ that would be available as a SaaS or a self-hosted project with commercial support, it was determined that it made more sense to prioritize maintaining FormKiQ Core as a complete document management system, while supplying additional enterprise content management functionality through FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise.

As of 2023, FormKiQ is now a complete and robust document and enterprise content management platform. Its offerings are deployed within the infrastructure of our clients, employing one or more of our turnkey systems, headless API-first design, and system integrations. This allows for as much flexibility and customization as possible, relying on AWS managed services and serverless computing for reliability, cost efficiency, and scalability.

Our Team

Mike Friesen Co-Founder and President

Mike Friesen, Co-Founder and President
Mike is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and a specialist in Amazon Web Services. He has designed and developed complex systems using AWS services. He has been instrumental in migrating on-premises applications to AWS by rearchitecting or replatforming. Mike has worked in software engineering for over two decades, and has a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Mike is passionate about optimizing technical solutions and being sure not to continually re-invent the wheel.

Regan Wolfrom Co-Founder and Business Development Advisor

Regan Wolfrom, Co-Founder and Business Development Advisor
Regan is a platform engineering specialist with a background in e-commerce engineering and site reliability. He has led remote teams in multiple continents and time zones, and has also worked as a post-secondary educator, teaching web application programming and other related subjects. Regan has managed production engineering in high-traffic retail and media platforms, with experience in multiple cloud providers as well as on-prem systems. He is also a published author and occasional civic activist.