Document Management for Managed Print Services, Designed for your Outlier Clients

Provide a second DMS option for clients who don’t quite fit the mold

Managed Print Services will always be an important part of operations for most organizations, even if the amount of printed paper is declining. In fact, as printing, scanning and copying become more occasional for some orgs, there may be an increase in clients looking for added document management flexibility.

One big part of the flexibility these clients need comes as part of the electronic document management services they need. And these clients, your outliers, aren’t in the market for the document management system that you are pitching.

Many MPS providers have formed some electronic document management partnerships, often with the same manufacturers who provide most of their printers and copiers. These enterprise document management systems can work well for some MPS customers, but they aren’t designed to be flexible or to meet the more customized needs of those outlier clients. That’s not due to a mistake on the part of these major print tech companies, but is part of their business model, to provide a standard tool for the big customers, along with some professional services for those large orgs who need some customization.

That won’t work for your outliers.

Those outlier clients, whether due to a smaller size or even just how they do business, need a more flexible solution, one that allows them more control while still allowing them the scaling power to handle millions of documents.

Even if the large manufacturers want to accommodate these outlier clients, their products are not designed to work that way. Their document management systems are monolithic and complex software applications that run on very powerful servers that are configured for exactly that usage. Trying to change how their systems work, whether to split up modules for flexibility, or to reduce the systems costs, is just not feasible without a complete re-architecture and software rewrite.

And that would come at the cost of stability for their existing customer base, who would need to weather those wholesale changes for no real value for their business process.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple: provide your clients with a solid second option.

The first option, as before, is the traditional DMS software, from a big name they know. For many customers, this fits the bill. For others, it just won’t work, and if they aren’t given a second option, they will start looking for another solution on their own.

FormKiQ can provide your MPS company with an in-house second option. FormKiQ provides a document management solution that is as simple or robust as it needs to be, with a wide range of customizable features.

FormKiQ is built specifically for those outlier clients, the customers who need a variation on what the big partners have created. FormKiQ is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Architecture, which is a powerful series of services that remove the need for configuring large banks of expensive servers to run software applications. AWS Serverless is used by tens of thousands of companies to provide flexibility and scalability that grows and changes with business needs.

FormKiQ is also powered by a headless Document API, which means that in addition to FormKiQ’s web-based document management console, you or your outliers will be able to create and customize additional interfaces and integrations.

Some of FormKiQ’s plug-in modules are:

  • Document Email Processing Module (a great solution for document scanning)
  • Antivirus Protection Module
  • Document OCR Module
  • Intelligent Document Processing Module
  • Single Sign-On and Federation Module (such as Active Directory integration)
  • Custom modules for Document Signing or Credit Check processes

FormKiQ can also provide additional white-label software for your MPS company, for any additional features you feel your clients may need.

The end result is a software solution that your MPS company can provide to each of your clients, and for significantly less than the license costs of the traditional document management systems.

If you’d like to find out more about how FormKiQ can help you and your outliers, please contact us for a demo, or visit our website at