Empowering Document Control, Management, and Security with Open Policy Agent

The Power of Open Policy Agent in our FormKiQ v1.14.0 Pro and Enterprise Beta

by Regan Wolfrom

In the dynamic world of document management, flexibility in data access and security is paramount. Our FormKiQ Pro and Enterprice v1.14.0 beta heralds a new era of adaptability with the integration of Open Policy Agent (OPA). This revolutionary feature elevates our commercial offerings, transforming document and enterprise content management with intelligent, context-aware authorization.

Understanding the Need for Flexible Authorization

The challenge in document management lies in managing permissions effectively amidst rapidly changing enterprise requirements. This includes challenges such as legal holds, document-level permissions, and any solution that requires a combination of roles and attributes for access control.

Traditional document management systems are not designed to offer this level of flexibility in authorization, which creates risk. If an organization is limited by its systems, it can be impossible to adhere to the security concept of least privilege.

This is why Open Policy Agent (OPA) is such an important tool for creating a more responsive and scalable authorization mechanism.

Document security is a challenge for document management

Open Policy Agent (OPA): Authorization that Meets Today’s Challenges

OPA represents a big improvement in authorization technology, offering nuanced, context-driven policy enforcement at a level of granularity that is unknown to most systems. It excels in parsing complex policies in real-time, making it ideal for evolving business environments where adaptability is key.

OPA utilizes a high-level declarative language, allowing for the creation of fine-grained, context-aware policies. This enables precise control over who can do what, under what conditions, and in what context. OPA's versatility allows it to be integrated across different layers of the tech stack, from microservices to cloud-native applications, which is why it’s a perfect fit for FormKiQ.

Integrating OPA in FormKiQ v1.14.0: Making Security as Flexible and Customizable as Document Management

By integrating OPA, we are enhancing both flexibility and security, allowing users to customize permission structures in line with their specific business processes.

One of the greatest challenges when incorporating new functionality into a scalable and flexible platform like FormKiQ is ensuring that the new technology does not reduce the performance or adaptability of the system.

OPAworks well with FormKiQ because it enables fine-grained control over authorization without negatively impacting performance, flexibility, or cost. This was especially important when implementing OPA with our Enhanced Fulltext Module, which uses Amazon OpenSearch to enable powerful searches and aggregations. OPA’s design allows us to incorporate policy rules into OpenSearch queries, ensuring that documents and metadata returned by FormKiQ adhere to the authorization policies set out by OPA.

None Shall Pass, Unless the OPA Policy Says So

Pioneering Flexible Authorization

We are already collaborating with an organization to implement the FormKiQ Enterprise v1.14.0 Beta, an educational institution, allowing them to manage diverse and evolving needs in an academic setting.

Our OPA implementation will provide a level of granular control that, combined with our flexible document and metadata management, provides a solution that can meet requirements far better than traditional document management systems, especially in industries requiring strict compliance and nuanced data handling.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Authorization in SaaS

The integration of flexible authorization systems in SaaS, as seen with the FormKiQ v1.14.0 Beta and its implementation of OPA, reflects a shift towards adaptable, secure, and user-centric software solutions.

We expect to see other enterprise-level software to soon incorporate similar flexibility, as we move toward a world of efficient and manageable customization of software-as-a-service that is better tuned to the needs of specific enterprises.


The introduction of OPA in our FormKiQ v1.14.0 Pro and Enterprise Beta is a significant evolution in flexible document and enterprise content management technology. It signifies a shift towards more intuitive, secure document control and management practices, in line with the needs of various industries including legal, accounting, and HR.

Discover the innovative possibilities with our FormKiQ v1.14.0 Beta. Whether you're in education, legal, accounting, HR, or any other sector, join us in exploring this beta release. To learn more about FormKiQ or to participate in the beta, please contact us or schedule a consultation call.