FormKiQ's Super Powers: Document API and Document Console

FormKiQ provides full customization and flexibility using the Document API and Document Console. You can read more about each feature below:

FormKiQ Document API

Using Amazon Web Services' serverless model and its battle-tested products, Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, FormKiQ provides a RESTful Document API that enables full integration and customization with internal applications, other AWS services, or any vendor software that can work with AWS.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Built for Total Control and Customization

By using an API-first model, FormKiQ provides complete flexibility for any integrations and customizations your use case requires. By following RESTful principles, the FormKiQ Document API is easy to work with, providing all functionality through HTTP Requests, available using both Cognito and IAM authentication.

The full API specification is available as part of our FormKiQ Documentation; as well, the FormKiQ Document Console provides an API Explorer for writing and testing API requests.

FormKiQ Document Console

Powered by the FormKiQ Document API, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudFront, the FormKiQ Document Console provides a fully functional and customizable Enterprise Content Management / Document Management System Web Interface built using ReactJS, allowing adding and updating documents, tagging documents for customization, retrieving documents using search and browse features, and viewing and sharing document content.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Enterprise

Built for Turnkey Document Management

By providing a web client console, FormKiQ allows full content and document management by internal users without requiring any custom code. As the FormKiQ Document Console uses the FormKiQ Document API for its integration, it provides consistent and feature-complete functionality.

Custom API and Console Domains

Using Amazon CloudFront, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Route53 and Amazon Certificate Manager, FormKiQ enables you to use custom domains (or subdomains) for the FormKiQ Document API and the FormKiQ Document Console.

Available as an Add-On Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Branded Integration

FormKiQ allows branding of our Document API and Document Console using custom domains, helping to enable whitelabeling or fulfill other marketing needs.

Single Sign-On, Federation, and Custom JWT Authorizer using AD FS, OpenID, Social Logins, or SAML

Combining Amazon Cognito with external authentication providers, such as Windows Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) and Okta, FormKiQ can provide Single Sign-On with existing authentication and authorization providers.

Available as an Add-On Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Using Your Existing Authentication and Authorization

FormKiQ can be authenticated with external services using Cognito User Pools along with either SAML or OpenID Connect (OIDC), allowing for multiple authentication and authorization providers, including:

  • Windows Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS)
  • Okta
  • Google IdP
  • Social Login Providers, such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn
  • Shibboleth
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Salesforce
  • Ping Identity