Document Collection and Storage

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), FormKiQ provides secure and scaleable document storage, along with various features for adding and updating documents:

Scaleable Document Storage

Using industry-leading cloud products, Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB, FormKiQ provides the most flexible and scaleable document storage available, with multiple methods for uploading new and existing documents into YOUR AWS Cloud.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Built for Scalability, Availability, Security, and Performance

FormKiQ stores the original document in S3, making use of S3 Versions to track changes and provide protection against accidental overwrites and deletions. Each document that is uploaded also has metadata, such as the content type, original file name, and an unlimited number of tags, all stored in DynamoDB. This allows for endless flexibility and customization in how documents are organized and retrieved.

By using S3 for document storage and DynamoDB for document metadata, FormKiQ enables any number of integrations and customizations, both through the FormKiQ API and with direct connectivity with both Amazon services.

Bulk Document Upload Functionality

FormKiQ provides bulk upload functionality to seamlessly import documents from existing file servers or other document storage.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Built to Handle Any Number of Existing Documents

Using its asynchronous document processing architecture, FormKiQ enables high-speed bulk document uploads.

For automatic uploading and synchronizing of documents between a file server and FormKiQ, you can use the Network Share and Sync Add-On Module through FormKiQ Enterprise.

FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK

FormKiQ provides a client SDK written in JavaScript, available as either a CommonJS and ES6 module.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Handles HTML Web Forms with Ease

Written specifically for client-end frameworks and static websites, the FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK provides FormKiQ Core, Pro, and Enterprise API methods, as well as AJAX fetch functionality and an optional automatic web form processing function.

NOTE: the more recent versions of the FormKiQ Document Console are built using the FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK, providing a good example of implementation.

Inbound Webhooks

Using the FormKiQ Document API, FormKiQ provides both open and authenticated options for inbound webhooks, allow external services to create documents.

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Simple Import of Documents from External Services using Webhooks

By creating an inbound webhook, you can attach that webhook to external services in order to create documents as needed.

AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

Since FormKiQ deploys to your AWS Cloud Account, you have access to the built-in AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

Available with:

FormKiQ Core FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Relying on the Power and Dependability of AWS

You can integrate with any of the resources created and used by FormKiQ Core or Enterprise using the AWS CLI.

Full Document Encryption

Using AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and the built-in encryption tooling provided by CloudFront, S3, DynamoDB, and other AWS products, FormKiQ can provide full encryption in transit at at rest.

Available with:

FormKiQ Pro FormKiQ Enterprise

Complete Encryption under Your Control

By using a custom KMS Key Store, FormKiQ provides a level of encryption security and auditing (through AWS CloudTrail) that satisfies the major compliance regimes and certification programs, including:

  • GPDR
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001

Network Share and Sync Module

Using Amazon S3 and the FormKiQ FileSync CLI, FormKiQ provides share and sync capabilities for workstations and file servers.

Available as an Add-On Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Keep Files Synchronized and Backed Up to the Cloud

FormKiQ can be used for file synchronization, file back-ups, or as a cloud document server, providing a command-line tool that can run on a customizable schedule to keep documents synced and backed up to your AWS cloud account. The FormKiQ FileSync CLI works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.

Document Email and Scan Processing Module

Using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and AWS Lambda, FormKiQ enables the processing of documents that are sent via email, including PDFs, Document Scans, or Mobile Phone Photos.

Available as an Add-On Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Electronic Document Conversion with Flexibility and Customization

FormKiQ can provide one or more workflows for documents received from emails, imaging systems (such as scan-to-email printers), or other sources. Documents can then be processed using other add-on modules, such as the Document Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing Module and the Intelligent Document Processing Module.

Custom Imports from External Tools

While it's possible to build a standalone application or service to transform external data and add to FormKiQ via the Document API, another option is to request a new FormKiQ module to transform and import that data.

Available as an Add-On Service or Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Efficiency in Module Execution and Development

By using the existing FormKiQ module architecture and process, the custom import can be created as a scaleable, serverless component, and can be kept up-to-date with future FormKiQ Enterprise changes. If the custom import module may have use for other customers now or in future, the cost can be partially offset by the added functionality of a new Add-On Module that could be made available to other organizations.

Document Archiving and Lifecycle Management

Combining Amazon S3's Intelligent Tiering, Lifecylce Management, and Cold Archive Storage with FormKiQ's Powerful Document API

Available as an Add-On Module with:

FormKiQ Enterprise

Granular Control over Your Document Storage and Archives

While FormKiQ uses storage that is well-known for being cost effective while providing essential reliability, Amazon S3, for organizations who would like more control over storage tiering, including a cold archive, this add-on module provides functionality to organize a cost-effective lifecycle management system, including a mechanism for retrieving documents from either of the S3 Intelligent Tiering cold archives using the FormKiQ API directly. In addition, this module provides functionality for setting up an optional schedule for destroying specific documents after a specified amount of time.