FormKiQ Core

Our core product, an open source DMS that is free for both personal and commercial use. FormKiQ Core provides essential document management functionality using a flexible and scaleable headless and serverless application model.

FormKiQ Core is designed to be quick, simple, and worry-free

FormKiQ Core installs with a simple, one-click installation into your AWS Cloud account (with one additional configuration command). It runs as serverless infrastructure, meaning that you pay only for at-rest storage and when the system is used, and that for most personal and small business usage, you might be able to function entirely within the AWS Free Tier.

While FormKiQ Core can stand on its own as a Document Management System, the real power of this DMS is its flexibility and customization. Not only do you have full access to the source code, including the Document API and Document Console, but you can integrate directly with FormKiQ's created AWS resources, such as the Staging Document Bucket in Amazon S3 and the Document Metadata stored in Amazon DynamoDB.

For example, you can use AWS AppSync to add a GraphQL API to interface with FormKiQ's DynamoDB NoSQL Database table.

But for most customization, you can use the FormKiQ Document API or the FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK.

FormKiQ Core includes all of the following features:

Document Collection and Storage

  • Scaleable Document Storage
  • Bulk Document Upload Functionality
  • FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK, for HTML Web Forms and other front-end applications
  • Inbound Webhooks for Document Creation
  • AWS Command Line Interface

Document Organization and Classification

  • Add, Edit, and Remove Tags and Document Metadata using API, Console, or Client SDK
  • Create Parent and Child Document Structures to create Nested Documents
  • Create Sub-Organizations or Teams for Multi-Team and Multi-Tenant Document Management

Document Processing and Transformation

NOTE: some processing and transformation with FormKiQ Core requires programming knowledge, particularly within the AWS ecosystem
  • Trigger Document Events
  • Build Custom Application and Administration Functionality to meet Customer and Compliance Needs
  • Convert Scanned Paperwork into Digitized Records, Contracts, and Forms
  • Integrate Import and Export Flows

Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration

NOTE: most integration with FormKiQ Core requires programming knowledge, particularly within the AWS ecosystem
  • Document Search using Tag, Date, or Document ID
  • Basic Fulltext Search
  • Data Import and Export with webhooks and services like Zapier,, and Microsoft Power Automate
  • Document Import and Export with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Content Integration with services like Notion, Confluence, Trello, and Jira
  • CRM Integration with services like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Integration with Custom Applications using the FormKiQ Document API or GraphQL using AWS AppSync
  • Industry-specific Integrations, such as Case Management, Health Records Management, or Financial Software Packages
  • Easy access to 200+ services within AWS

FormKiQ's Super Powers: the Document API & the Document Console

  • FormKiQ Document API
  • FormKiQ Document Console

The Power of Open Core

By providing both an Open Core and an Enterprise product, FormKiQ is able to maintain its free product while operating sustainably through the additional value provided to our enterprise customers. As our Open Core product, FormKiQ Core provides a solution that is not only a full-featured DMS, but also provides a great way to test the core functionality while considering a more robust DMS or ECM solution such as FormKiQ Enterprise.