FormKiQ Enterprise

Our enterprise product, built for more advanced document management systems (DMS) or enterprise content management systems (ECMs). It's completely open source, with professional onboarding and operational support. FormKiQ Enterprise includes an enterprise software license and offering optional add-on modules and partner licenses to meet any DMS or ECM requirements.

FormKiQ Enterprise is designed to provide more flexibility, customization, and scaleability than any other document management or enterprise content management systems

FormKiQ Enterprise is built as a custom application package that includes FormKiQ Core, the standard FormKiQ Pro functionality, and any Enterprise Add-On Modules that you choose to include in your FormKiQ Software License Agreement. FormKiQ Enterprise runs almost entirely as serverless infrastructure, with a few exceptions for specific modules, meaning that for the majority of components, you pay only for at-rest storage and for when the system is used.

FormKiQ Document Management System: Editions and Add-On Modules

FormKiQ Document Management System: Editions and Add-On Modules

While FormKiQ Enterprise is designed to perform all required functionality as a Document Management System from the moment it's deployed, there is no limit to the amount of customization you can include in your solution. As with FormKiQ Core, not only do you have full access to the source code of FormKiQ Enterprise, including any Add-On Modules you've chosen, but you can integrate directly with the AWS resources created and used by the application. This customization is enhanced by FormKiQ Enterprise's standard functionality, including Tag Schemas and chainable Document Actions.

For example, you can create a custom workflow where a paper document can be scanned and emailed into FormKiQ, then you can set up Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to be run, and create metadata (including document tags) based on the content within that document.

There are dozens of FormKiQ Enterprise Add-On Modules that can integrated. But, as with FormKiQ Core and Pro, you can use the FormKiQ Document API or the FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK to meet many of your customization requirements.

FormKiQ Enterprise includes all of the following features:

Document Collection and Storage

  • Scaleable Document Storage
  • Bulk Document Upload Functionality
  • FormKiQ JavaScript Client SDK, for HTML Web Forms and other front-end applications
  • Inbound Webhooks for Document Creation
  • AWS Command Line Interface
  • Full Document Encryption (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Network Share & Sync (Add-On Module)
  • Email and Document Scanning (Add-On Module)
  • Custom Imports from External Tools (available through FormKiQ Custom Modules)

Document Organization and Classification

  • Add, Edit, and Remove Tags and Document Metadata using API, Console, or Client SDK
  • Create Parent and Child Document Structures to create Nested Documents
  • Create Sub-Organizations or Teams for Multi-Team and Multi-Tenant Document Management
  • Enable Tag Schemas to specify Required and Optional Tags (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)

Document Processing and Transformation

  • Trigger Document Events
  • Build Custom Application and Administration Functionality to meet Customer and Compliance Needs
  • Convert Scanned Paperwork into Digitized Records, Contracts, and Forms
  • Integrate Import and Export Flows
  • Customize Document Workflows with Document Actions (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Outbound Webhooks (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Document Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Scanning and Protection (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Document Optical Character Recognition (OCR) (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Intelligent Document Analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Add-On Module)
  • Customize Workflows with Add-On Integrations for Third-Party Services (available through FormKiQ Custom Modules)

Document Discovery, Presentation, and Integration

  • Document Search using Tag, Date, or Document ID
  • Composite Keys for More Efficient Tag Searches (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)
  • Basic Fulltext Search
  • Enhanced Fulltext Search powered by Amazon OpenSearch (Add-On Module)
  • Data Import and Export with webhooks and services like Zapier,, and Microsoft Power Automate
  • Document Import and Export with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Content Integration with services like Notion, Confluence, Trello, and Jira
  • CRM Integration with services like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Integration with Custom Applications using the FormKiQ Document API or GraphQL using AWS AppSync
  • Industry-specific Integrations, such as Case Management, Health Records Management, or Financial Software Packages
  • Easy access to 200+ services within AWS
  • Outbound Webhooks (standard FormKiQ Pro and Enterprise functionality)

FormKiQ's Super Powers: the Document API & the Document Console

  • FormKiQ Document API
  • FormKiQ Document Console
  • Custom API and Console Domains (Add-On Module)
  • Single Sign-On, Federation, and Custom JWT Authorizer using AD FS, OpenID, Social Logins, or SAML (Add-On Module)

Enterprise Professional Support, Services, and Licensing

  • Installation and On-Boarding Support
  • Prioritized Bug Fixes
  • Professional Operational Support (SLA of two business days, via email)
  • Source Code for All Features
  • Optional: Enterprise Operational Support (SLA of eight business hours, via email, Slack, videoconferencing, or phone)
  • Optional: FormKiQ Partner License (for the resale and distribution of FormKiQ as part of a software product)
  • Professional Software Architecture and Engineering Services, as required