FormKiQ's Startup Program

Include our Enterprise-level document management platform in your innovative product

FormKiQ can provide FormKiQ Enterprise, including its source code, at a special price to qualifying startups, for as low as USD $499 per month.

FormKiQ Startup Program

Speed up your time to market and save development effort, while reducing your overall risk

FormKiQ's Startup Program is designed to provide document management functionality to startups, with no lock-in.

Over a two-year period, qualifying startups receive FormKiQ Enterprise, including installation, support, and source code, with optional add-on modules available at a discounted price.

Once the program is completed, FormKiQ will work with each startup to determine the best licensing, support, and update model, based on the startup's current level of growth.

(As there is no lock-in, the Startup Program license can also be extended in perpetuity, assuming there is no continued need by the startup for support and updates.)

The Application Process and Qualifications

Both funded and bootstrapped startups are eligible to apply, with no geographical restrictions (aside from international sanctions), assuming they meet the following criteria:

  • pre-revenue or post-revenue, with annual revenues of less than USD $1 million
  • working on an innovative and scalable product
  • includes at least one technical co-founder or founding engineer

Are you a little further along? A scale-up, maybe? FormKiQ has additional startup and scale-up offerings available based on your current trajectory.

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