Document Management Module

Integrate all of the required functionality of a document management system into an existing software solution.

Using our free and open source version of FormKiQ, you can include the core functionality of a document management system in an application

Note: while this example uses FormKiQ Core, an Enterprise version could include additional functionality, such as intelligent document processing or an eSignature module.

FormKiQ Use Case: Document Management Module

Workflow Steps:

  1. Internal and external users sign into the existing software application and upload or create and edit various types of documents.
  2. Using the existing authentication system within the application, the documents are added to FormKiQ using the Document API; this can be integrated using JWT tokens or authentication cookies. [ Learn more about the FormKiQ Document API ]
  3. FormKiQ processes the documents as they are submitted, creating metadata that can be used for searching and retrieving the documents.
  4. Internal and external users access the documents as needed using new client-side functionality added to the existing software application, powered by the FormKiQ Document API.

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