Product Leasing System

A sales rep can process lease applications from a potential customer, including any financial documents that need to be included, and then send for a credit check and approval step for the finance department; upon the decision, an email is sent to the original sales rep with the required information.

This version is built using FormKiQ Enterprise, including a module to submit the application for a credit check

FormKiQ Use Case: Product Leasing System

Workflow Steps:

  1. A sales team member collects product and customer info and inputs it into a lease form on the leasing system web client, attaches any required financial documents, and then submits the form for approval; the submission process includes two consecutive document actions: one for running a credit check, and one for sending an email to the finance team for application review once the credit check has been completed.
  2. FormKiQ processes the document, storing the application info in JSON format and requesting the Credit Check document action. [ Learn more about the FormKiQ Document Actions and Customizable Document Workflows Module | Learn more about FormKiQ Third-Party Integration Modules ]
  3. The Credit Check is submitted, and once the result has been received, FormKiQ runs the second document action, to notify the finance team that an application is ready for review.
  4. A member of the finance team reviews the result, which may involve a secondary manual approval step. The finance rep submits their final response in the leasing system web client.
  5. FormKiQ processes the response, updating the document metadata, and then requests an action to notify the sales rep via email.
  6. The email is created and sent to the sales rep, who is able to inform the customer of the result.

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